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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 C_VlCovDetCovariant feature detector
 Coptiongetopt_long option
 CVlAIBAIB algorithm data
 CVlArrayNumeric array
 CVlCovDetFeatureA detected feature shape and location
 CVlCovDetFeatureLaplacianScaleA detected feature Laplacian scale
 CVlCovDetFeatureOrientationA detected feature orientation
 CVlDsiftDescriptorGeometryDense SIFT descriptor geometry
 CVlDsiftFilterDense SIFT filter
 CVlDsiftKeypointDense SIFT keypoint
 CVlEnumeratorMember of an enumeration
 CVlFileMetaSupport for command line drivers - Definition
 CVlFrameDiscDisc feature frame
 CVlFrameEllipseEllipse feature frame
 CVlFrameOrientedDiscOriented disc feature frame An upright frame has angle equal to zero
 CVlFrameOrientedEllipseOriented ellipse feature frame The affine transformation transforms the ellipse shape into a circular region
 CVlHIKMNodeHIKM tree node
 CVlIKMFiltIKM quantizer
 CVlKDForestKDForest object
 CVlKDForestNeighborNeighbor of a query point
 CVlKDForestSearcherVlKDForest searcher object
 CVlKMeansK-means quantizer
 CVlLbpLocal Binary Pattern extractor
 CVlLiopDescLIOP descriptor extractor object
 CVlMserExtrRegMSER: extremal region (declaration)
 CVlMserFiltMSER filter
 CVlMserRegMSER: basic region (declaration)
 CVlMserStatsMSER filter statistics definition
 CvlmxOptionMEX option
 CVlPgmImagePGM image meta data
 CVlQSQuick shift results
 CVlRandRandom numbber generator state
 CVlScaleSpaceScale space class
 CVlScaleSpaceGeometryGeometry of a scale space
 CVlScaleSpaceOctaveGeometryGeometry of one octave of a scale space
 CVlSiftFiltSIFT filter
 CVlSiftKeypointSIFT filter keypoint
 CVlSvmStatisticsSVM statistics This structure contains statistics characterising the state of the SVM solver, such as the current value of the objective function