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_VlCovDet Struct Reference

Covariant feature detector. More...

#include <covdet.h>

Data Fields

VlCovDetMethod method
double peakThreshold
double edgeThreshold
double lapPeakThreshold
vl_size octaveResolution
vl_index numOctaves
vl_index firstOctave
double baseScale
vl_size maxNumOrientations

Detailed Description

Field Documentation

◆ baseScale

double _VlCovDet::baseScale

the base scale of the gss.

◆ css

VlScaleSpace* _VlCovDet::css

Cornerness scale space.

◆ edgeThreshold

double _VlCovDet::edgeThreshold

edge threshold.

◆ firstOctave

vl_index _VlCovDet::firstOctave

index of the first octave.

◆ gss

VlScaleSpace* _VlCovDet::gss

Gaussian scale space.

◆ lapPeakThreshold

double _VlCovDet::lapPeakThreshold

peak threshold for Laplacian scale selection.

◆ maxNumOrientations

vl_size _VlCovDet::maxNumOrientations

max number of detected orientations.

◆ method

VlCovDetMethod _VlCovDet::method

feature extraction method.

◆ numOctaves

vl_index _VlCovDet::numOctaves

number of octaves

◆ octaveResolution

vl_size _VlCovDet::octaveResolution

resolution of each octave.

◆ peakThreshold

double _VlCovDet::peakThreshold

peak threshold.

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