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VlFileMeta Struct Reference

Support for command line drivers - Definition. More...

#include <generic-driver.h>

Data Fields

vl_bool active
char pattern [1024]
int protocol
char name [1024]
FILE * file

Detailed Description

File meta information type.

Andrea Vedaldi

This file contains support code which is shared by the command line drivers.File meta information

See also

Field Documentation

◆ active

vl_bool VlFileMeta::active

Is the file active?

◆ file

FILE* VlFileMeta::file

Current file stream

◆ name

char VlFileMeta::name[1024]

Current file name

◆ pattern

char VlFileMeta::pattern[1024]

File name pattern

◆ protocol

int VlFileMeta::protocol

File protocol

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