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VlKMeans Struct Reference

K-means quantizer.

#include <kmeans.h>

Data Fields

vl_type dataType
vl_size dimension
vl_size numCenters
vl_size numTrees
vl_size maxNumComparisons
VlKMeansInitialization initialization
VlKMeansAlgorithm algorithm
VlVectorComparisonType distance
vl_size maxNumIterations
double minEnergyVariation
vl_size numRepetitions
int verbosity
void * centers
void * centerDistances
double energy

Field Documentation

VlKMeansAlgorithm VlKMeans::algorithm

Clustring algorithm.

void* VlKMeans::centerDistances

Centers inter-distances.

void* VlKMeans::centers


vl_type VlKMeans::dataType

Data type.

vl_size VlKMeans::dimension

Data dimensionality.

VlVectorComparisonType VlKMeans::distance


double VlKMeans::energy

Current solution energy.

VlKMeansInitialization VlKMeans::initialization

Initalization algorithm.

vl_size VlKMeans::maxNumComparisons

Maximum number of comparisons when using ANN-kmeans.

vl_size VlKMeans::maxNumIterations

Maximum number of refinement iterations.

double VlKMeans::minEnergyVariation

Minimum energy variation.

vl_size VlKMeans::numCenters

Number of centers.

vl_size VlKMeans::numRepetitions

Number of clustering repetitions.

vl_size VlKMeans::numTrees

Number of trees in forest when using ANN-kmeans.

int VlKMeans::verbosity

Verbosity level.

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