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VlSvmStatistics Struct Reference

SVM statistics This structure contains statistics characterising the state of the SVM solver, such as the current value of the objective function. More...

#include <svm.h>

Data Fields

VlSvmSolverStatus status
vl_size iteration
vl_size epoch
double objective
double regularizer
double loss
double dualObjective
double dualLoss
double dualityGap
double scoresVariation
double elapsedTime

Detailed Description

Not all fields are used by all solvers.

Field Documentation

double VlSvmStatistics::dualityGap

Duality gap = objective - dualObjective.

double VlSvmStatistics::dualLoss

Dual loss value.

double VlSvmStatistics::dualObjective

Dual objective value.

double VlSvmStatistics::elapsedTime

Time elapsed from the start of training.

vl_size VlSvmStatistics::epoch

Solver epoch (iteration / num samples).

vl_size VlSvmStatistics::iteration

Solver iteration.

double VlSvmStatistics::loss

Loss value.

double VlSvmStatistics::objective

Objective function value.

double VlSvmStatistics::regularizer

Regularizer value.

double VlSvmStatistics::scoresVariation

Variance of the score updates.

VlSvmSolverStatus VlSvmStatistics::status

Solver status.

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