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VlDsiftFilter Struct Reference

Dense SIFT filter.

#include <dsift.h>

Data Fields

int imWidth
 image width More...
int imHeight
 image height More...
int stepX
int stepY
int boundMinX
int boundMinY
int boundMaxX
int boundMaxY
VlDsiftDescriptorGeometry geom
int useFlatWindow
double windowSize
int numFrames
int descrSize
float * descrs
int numBinAlloc
int numFrameAlloc
int numGradAlloc
float ** grads
float * convTmp1
float * convTmp2

Field Documentation

int VlDsiftFilter::boundMaxX

frame bounding box max X

int VlDsiftFilter::boundMaxY

frame bounding box max Y

int VlDsiftFilter::boundMinX

frame bounding box min X

int VlDsiftFilter::boundMinY

frame bounding box min Y

float* VlDsiftFilter::convTmp1

temporary buffer

float* VlDsiftFilter::convTmp2

temporary buffer

float* VlDsiftFilter::descrs

descriptor buffer

int VlDsiftFilter::descrSize

size of a descriptor

VlDsiftKeypoint* VlDsiftFilter::frames

frame buffer

VlDsiftDescriptorGeometry VlDsiftFilter::geom

descriptor parameters

float** VlDsiftFilter::grads

gradient buffer

int VlDsiftFilter::imHeight
int VlDsiftFilter::imWidth
int VlDsiftFilter::numBinAlloc

buffer allocated: descriptor size

int VlDsiftFilter::numFrameAlloc

buffer allocated: number of frames

int VlDsiftFilter::numFrames

number of sampled frames

int VlDsiftFilter::numGradAlloc

buffer allocated: number of orientations

int VlDsiftFilter::stepX

frame sampling step X

int VlDsiftFilter::stepY

frame sampling step Y

int VlDsiftFilter::useFlatWindow

flag: whether to approximate the Gaussian window with a flat one

double VlDsiftFilter::windowSize

size of the Gaussian window

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