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VlSvmStatistics Struct Reference

SVM statistics This structure contains statistics characterising the state of the SVM solver, such as the current value of the objective function. More...

#include <svm.h>

Data Fields

VlSvmSolverStatus status
vl_size iteration
vl_size epoch
double objective
double regularizer
double loss
double dualObjective
double dualLoss
double dualityGap
double scoresVariation
double elapsedTime

Detailed Description

Not all fields are used by all solvers.

Field Documentation

◆ dualityGap

double VlSvmStatistics::dualityGap

Duality gap = objective - dualObjective.

◆ dualLoss

double VlSvmStatistics::dualLoss

Dual loss value.

◆ dualObjective

double VlSvmStatistics::dualObjective

Dual objective value.

◆ elapsedTime

double VlSvmStatistics::elapsedTime

Time elapsed from the start of training.

◆ epoch

vl_size VlSvmStatistics::epoch

Solver epoch (iteration / num samples).

◆ iteration

vl_size VlSvmStatistics::iteration

Solver iteration.

◆ loss

double VlSvmStatistics::loss

Loss value.

◆ objective

double VlSvmStatistics::objective

Objective function value.

◆ regularizer

double VlSvmStatistics::regularizer

Regularizer value.

◆ scoresVariation

double VlSvmStatistics::scoresVariation

Variance of the score updates.

◆ status

VlSvmSolverStatus VlSvmStatistics::status

Solver status.

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