VL_CONTRIB - Contribution modules management

VL_CONTRIB is a tool to download, set up and compile external contribution modules for MatConvNet. It downloads the list of available modules from a dedicated repository and uses GIT (if present) or ZIP files to install the modules. Additionally it can setup, compile and test the modules.

VL_CONTRIB (with no arguments) shows the list of available modules, and if possible shows hyperlinks with the available commands for each module.

VL_CONTRIB('COMMAND', 'MODULE', ...), or VL_CONTRIB COMMAND MODULE ... if all parameters are strings, executes one of the following commands:


The list of modules is hosted at github.com/vlfeat/matconvnet-contrib.

Modules are installed to the directory <vl_rootnn()>/contrib in MatConvNet root directory. This directory must be writable for installation to succeed.

Modules are installed using GIT, if available; otherwise the function unpacks the zip distribution of the modules from its repository.