VL_NNNORMALIZE - CNN Local Response Normalization (LRN)

Y = VL_NNORMALIZE(X, PARAM) computes the so-called Local Response Normalization (LRN) operator. This operator performs a channel-wise sliding window normalization of each column of the input array X. The normalized output is given by:

  Y(i,j,k) = X(i,j,k) / L(i,j,k)^BETA

where the normalization factor is given by

  L(i,j,k) = KAPPA + ALPHA * (sum_{q in Q(k)} X(i,j,k)^2,

PARAM = [N KAPPA ALPHA BETA], and N is the size of the window. The window Q(k) is defined as:

  Q(k) = [max(1, k-FLOOR((N-1)/2)), min(D, k+CEIL((N-1)/2))].

where D is the number of feature channels in X. Note in particular that, by setting N >= 2D, the function can be used to normalize all the channels as a single group (useful to achieve L2 normalization).

DZDX = VL_NNORMALIZE(X, PARAM, DZDY) computes the derivative of the block projected onto DZDY. DZDX and DZDY have the same dimensions as X and Y respectively.

different convention for the parameters of the LRN. Caffe in particular uses the convention:


i.e. the ALPHA paramter is multiplied by N.