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This is a list of other notable MATLAB functions included in VLFeat

  • vl_imsmooth smoothes an image by a Gaussian kernel (simple but very useful as it is generally much faster than MATLAB's general purpose smoothing functions).
  • vl_plotframe plots a variety of feature frame types (such as oriented ellipses).
  • vl_binsum performs binned summations, useful as a building block for the fast computation of histograms. vl_whistc computes weighed histograms.
  • vl_imarray and vl_imarraysc arrange and visualize multiple images in a grid
  • vl_imsc scales the image range;
  • vl_tightsubplot is similar to built-in subplot, but produces narrower margins.
  • vl_cf makes a copy of a figure.
  • vl_rodr and vl_irodr compute the Rodrigues' formula and its inverse
  • vl_override overrides members of a structure with members of another structure.
  • vl_imwbackward warps an image by the inverse mapping method (generally much faster than MATLAB general purpose warping functions).
  • vl_waffine computes the affine warp of a set of points. vl_tps, vl_tpsu, vl_wtps compute the thin-plate spline warp of a set of points. vl_witps computes the inverse thin plate warp of a set of point (by numerically inverting the transformation). They may be used in combination with vl_imwbackward.
  • vl_xyz2lab, vl_xyz2luv, vl_xyz2rgb, vl_rgb2xyz convert color spaces.
  • vl_rcos, vl_gaussian, vl_dgaussian, vl_ddgaussian compute some useful special functions.