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VlHIKMTree Struct Reference

HIKM tree.

#include <hikmeans.h>

Data Fields

vl_size M
vl_size K
vl_size depth
vl_size max_niters
int method
int verb

Field Documentation

◆ depth

vl_size VlHIKMTree::depth

Depth of the tree

◆ K

vl_size VlHIKMTree::K


◆ M

vl_size VlHIKMTree::M

IKM: data dimensionality

◆ max_niters

vl_size VlHIKMTree::max_niters

IKM: maximum # of iterations

◆ method

int VlHIKMTree::method

IKM: method

◆ root

VlHIKMNode* VlHIKMTree::root

Tree root node

◆ verb

int VlHIKMTree::verb

Verbosity level

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