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VlLiopDesc Struct Reference

LIOP descriptor extractor object.

#include <liop.h>

Data Fields

vl_int numNeighbours
vl_int numSpatialBins
float intensityThreshold
vl_size dimension
float neighRadius

Field Documentation

◆ dimension

vl_size VlLiopDesc::dimension

LIOP descriptor size.

◆ intensityThreshold

float VlLiopDesc::intensityThreshold

Weight threshold.

◆ neighRadius

float VlLiopDesc::neighRadius

Point to neighbour radius (distance).

◆ numNeighbours

vl_int VlLiopDesc::numNeighbours

Number of neighbours.

◆ numSpatialBins

vl_int VlLiopDesc::numSpatialBins

Number of bins.

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