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VlPgmImage Struct Reference

PGM image meta data. More...

#include <pgm.h>

Data Fields

vl_size width
vl_size height
vl_size max_value
vl_bool is_raw

Detailed Description

A PGM image is a 2-D array of pixels of width width and height height. Each pixel is an integer one or two bytes wide, depending whether max_value is smaller than 256.

Field Documentation

◆ height

vl_size VlPgmImage::height

image height.

◆ is_raw

vl_bool VlPgmImage::is_raw

is RAW format?

◆ max_value

vl_size VlPgmImage::max_value

pixel maximum value (<= 2^16-1).

◆ width

vl_size VlPgmImage::width

image width.

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