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VlMserFilt Struct Reference

MSER filter. More...

#include <mser.h>

Data Fields

int njoins
Image data and meta data @internal
int ndims
int * dims
int nel
int * subs
int * dsubs
int * strides
VlMserReg * r
VlMserExtrReg * er
int ner
int nmer
int rer
int rmer
Ellipsoids fitting
float * acc
float * ell
int rell
int nell
int dof
vl_bool verbose
int delta
double max_area
double min_area
double max_variation
double min_diversity

Detailed Description

MSER Filter.

See also
Maximally Stable Extremal Regions (MSER)

The MSER filter computes the Maximally Stable Extremal Regions of an image.

See also
Maximally Stable Extremal Regions (MSER)

Field Documentation

◆ acc

float* VlMserFilt::acc

moment accumulator.

◆ delta

int VlMserFilt::delta

delta filter parameter

◆ dims

int* VlMserFilt::dims


◆ dof

int VlMserFilt::dof

number of dof of ellipsoids.

◆ dsubs

int* VlMserFilt::dsubs

another subscript

◆ ell

float* VlMserFilt::ell

ellipsoids list.

◆ er

VlMserExtrReg* VlMserFilt::er

extremal tree

◆ joins

vl_uint* VlMserFilt::joins

sequence of join ops

◆ max_area

double VlMserFilt::max_area

badness test parameter

◆ max_variation

double VlMserFilt::max_variation

badness test parameter

◆ mer

vl_uint* VlMserFilt::mer

maximally stable extremal regions

◆ min_area

double VlMserFilt::min_area

badness test parameter

◆ min_diversity

double VlMserFilt::min_diversity

minimum diversity

◆ ndims

int VlMserFilt::ndims

number of dimensions

◆ nel

int VlMserFilt::nel

number of image elements (pixels)

◆ nell

int VlMserFilt::nell

number of ellipsoids extracted

◆ ner

int VlMserFilt::ner

number of extremal regions

◆ njoins

int VlMserFilt::njoins

number of join ops

◆ nmer

int VlMserFilt::nmer

number of maximally stable extr. reg.

◆ perm

vl_uint* VlMserFilt::perm

pixel ordering

◆ r

VlMserReg* VlMserFilt::r

basic regions

◆ rell

int VlMserFilt::rell

size of ell buffer

◆ rer

int VlMserFilt::rer

size of er buffer

◆ rmer

int VlMserFilt::rmer

size of mer buffer

◆ strides

int* VlMserFilt::strides

strides to move in image data

◆ subs

int* VlMserFilt::subs

N-dimensional subscript

◆ verbose

vl_bool VlMserFilt::verbose

be verbose

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