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[MISSRATE, FALSEALRAM] = VL_DET(LABELS, SCORES) computes the Detection Error Trade-off (DET) curve for the given set LABELS and SCORES. The function is a simple wrapper to VL_ROC(LABELS, SCORES). In fact, MISSRATE is simply the false positive rate and FALSEARALM the false negative rate returned by VL_ROC().

VL_DET(...) without output arguments plots the curves in the current axis. Note that the DET curves use logarithmic axis.

VL_DET(..., OPT, ARG, ...) accepts the same options as VL_ROC().

REFERENCES: [1] A. Martin, G. Doddington, T. Kamm, M. Ordowski, and M. Przybocki. The DET curve in assessment of detection task performance. In Proc. Conf. on Speech Communication and Technology, 1997.