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[INDEX, DIST] = VL_KDTREEQUERY(KDTREE, X, Y) computes the nearest column of X to each column of Y (in Euclidean distance). KDTREE is a forest of kd-trees build by VL_KDTREEBUILD(). X is a NUMDIMENSIONS x NUMDATA data matrix of class SINGLE or DOUBLE with the data indexed by the kd-trees (it must be the same data matrix passed to VK_KDTREEBUILD() to build the trees). Y is the NUMDIMENSIONS x NUMQUERIES matrix of query points and must have the same class of X. INDEX is a 1 x NUMQUERIES matrix of class UINT32 with the index of the nearest column of X for each column of Y. DIST is a 1 x NUMQUERIES vector of class SINGLE or DOUBLE (depending on the class of X and Y) with the corresponding squared Euclidean distances.

[INDEX, DIST] = VL_KDTREEQUERY(..., 'NUMNEIGHBORS', NN) can be used to return the N nearest neighbors rather than just the nearest one. In this case INDEX and DIST are NN x NUMQUERIES matrices. Neighbors are returned by increasing distance.

VL_KDTREEQUERY(..., 'MAXNUMCOMPARISONS', NCOMP) performs at most NCOMP comparisons for each query point. In this case the result is only approximate (i.e. approximated nearest-neighbors, or ANNs) but the speed can be greatly improved.



Sets the number of neighbors to compute for each query point (by default 1).


Sets the maximum number of comparisons per query point. The special value 0 means unbounded. The default is 0.