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VL_PLOTBOX(BOX) plots a box specified by the 4-dimensional column vector BOXES = [XMIN YMIN XMAX YMAX]'. If BOXES is a 4 x N matrix, a box for each of the N columns is plotted.

H = VL_PLOTBOX(BOXES) returns a handle to the line drawing representing the boxes. For multiple boxes, H is a row vector with one handle per box.

VL_PLOTBOX(BOXES, 'LABEL', LABEL) annotates the box with the string LABEL. If BOXES contains multiple boxes, then LABEL can be a cell array with one entry for each box. H is then a 2 x N array with handles to boxes and corresponding labels.

VL_PLOTBOX(BOXES, ...) passes any extra argument to the underlying plotting function. The first optional argument can be a line specification string such as the one used by MATLAB's PLOT() function.

See also VL_PLOTFRAME().