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STYLES = VL_PLOTSTYLE(INDEX) returns a cell array of PLOT() options for the color/line style of index INDEX. The available styles are defined the ColorOrder and LineStyleOrder properties of the current axes and cycled first by color and then by line style.

If there is no current axes can be found, then VL_PLOTSTYLE() uses the DefaultAxesColorOrder and DefaultLineStyleOrder root properties.

If INDEXES has more than one element, then VL_PLOTSTYLE(INDEXES) returns a cell array of styles of the same size of INDEXES.


The code fragment

   set(gca,'LineStyleOrder', {'-','-.'}, 'NextPlot', 'replacechildren') ;
   plot([1 2], [1:20 ; 1:20]') ;


  set(gca,'NextPlot', 'replacechildren') ;
  set(gca,'LineStyleOrder', {'-','-.'}) ;
  for i = 1:20
    style = vl_plotstyle(i) ;
    plot([1 2], [i i], style{:}) ;
    hold on ;

produce visually similar results.

See also: VL_HELP().