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SEGMENTS = VL_SLIC(IM, REGIONSIZE, REGULARIZER) extracts the SLIC superpixes [1] from image IM. REGIONSIZE is the starting size of the superpixels and REGULARIZER is the trades-off appearance for spatial regularity when clustering (a larger value results in more spatial regularization). SEGMENTS is a UINT32 array containing the superpixel identifier for each image pixel.

The image IM is a SINGLE array with two or three dimensions. The third dimension is arbitrary, but it is usually three for RGB or LAB images.

VL_SLIC() accepts the following options:


Be verbose.

MinRegionSize (1/6 of REGIONSIZE)^2

The minimum size (in pixel area) of the extracted superpixels.


If IM contains an RGB images, the SLIC superpixels can be extracted as:


[1] R. Achanta, A. Shaji, K. Smith, A. Lucchi, P. Fua, and S. Susstrunk. SLIC superpixels. Technical report, EPFL, 2010.

See also, VL_HELP().