Documentation>MATLAB API>PLOTOP - vl_tightsubplot

H = VL_TIGHTSUBPLOT(K,P) returns an handle to the P-th axis in a regular grid of K axes. The K axes are numbered from left to right and from top to bottom. The function operates similarly to SUBPLOT(), but by default it does not put any margin between axes. This is done by tiling the axes inner box rather than the axes outer box.

H = VL_TIGHTSUBPLOT(M,N,P) retursn an handle to the P-th axes in a regular subdivision with M rows and N columns.

VL_TIGHTSUBPLOT() accepts the following options:

Margin [0]
MarginLeft [0]
MarginRight [0]
MarginTop [0]
MarginBottom [0]

Set the axes inner box margin, either uniformly in all directions, or specifically to the left, right, top or bottom.

Box [0]

If set to 'outer', tile the axes outer box, thus protecting title and labels. Unfortunately this usually produces unnecesarily large margins.

Spacing [0] (legacy option)

Set extra spacing between axes. The space is added between the inner or outer boxes, depending on the setting below.

REMARK. While SUBPLOT kills any pre-existing axes that overalps a new one, this function does not.

See also: SUBPLOT(), VL_HELP().