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VL_TWISTER() is essentially equivalent to MATLAB native RAND() when using the Twister random number generator. VL_TWISTER(), VL_TWISTER(M,N,P,...) and VL_TWISTER([M N P ...]) are equivalent to RAND(), RAND(M,N,P,...) and RAND([M N P ...]) respectively.

The state of the random generator can be seeded by VL_TWISTER('STATE', X), where X is a DOUBLE scalar (this is equivalent to RAND('TWISTER', X)). The state can be read by VL_TWISTER('STATE') (equivalent to RAND('TWISTER')) and set by VL_TWISTER('STATE', STATE) (equivalent to RAND('TWISTER', STATE)). Here STATE is a vector of 625 elements of class UINT32. Finally VL_TWISTER('STATE',KEY) seeds the generator by a vector of DOUBLE of length not greater than 624.

VL_TWISTER() is slightly faster than RAND(). Moreover it can be used to control the state of the random number generator used by all VLFEAT functions.

See also: VL_HELP().