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SLIC superpixels - Definition. More...

#include "slic.h"
#include "mathop.h"
#include <math.h>
#include <string.h>


void vl_slic_segment (vl_uint32 *segmentation, float const *image, vl_size width, vl_size height, vl_size numChannels, vl_size regionSize, float regularization, vl_size minRegionSize)
 SLIC superpixel segmentation. More...

Detailed Description

Andrea Vedaldi

Function Documentation

◆ vl_slic_segment()

void vl_slic_segment ( vl_uint32 segmentation,
float const *  image,
vl_size  width,
vl_size  height,
vl_size  numChannels,
vl_size  regionSize,
float  regularization,
vl_size  minRegionSize 
imageimage to segment.
widthimage width.
heightimage height.
numChannelsnumber of image channels (depth).
regionSizenominal size of the regions.
regularizationtrade-off between appearance and spatial terms.
minRegionSizeminimum size of a segment.

The function computes the SLIC superpixels of the specified image image. image is a pointer to an width by height by by numChannles array of float. segmentation is a pointer to a width by height array of vl_uint32. segmentation contain the labels of each image pixels, from 0 to the number of regions minus one.

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