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file  aib.c
 AIB - Definition.
file  aib.h
 AIB (Agglomerative Information Bottleneck (AIB))
file  array.h
file  covdet.c
 Covariant feature detectors - Definition.
file  covdet.h
 Covariant feature detectors (Covariant feature detectors)
file  dsift.c
 Dense SIFT - Definition.
file  dsift.h
 Dense SIFT (Dense Scale Invariant Feature Transform (DSIFT))
file  fisher.c
 Fisher - Declaration.
file  fisher.h
 Fisher encoding (Fisher Vector encoding (FV))
file  generic.c
 Generic - Definition.
file  generic.h
 Generic (General support functionalities)
file  getopt_long.c
 getopt_long - Definition
file  getopt_long.h
file  gmm.c
 Gaussian Mixture Models - Implementation.
file  gmm.h
 GMM (Gaussian Mixture Models (GMM))
file  heap-def.h
 Heap preprocessor metaprogram.
file  hikmeans.c
 Hierarchical Integer K-Means Clustering - Declaration.
file  hikmeans.h
 Hierarchical integer K-Means clustering.
file  hog.c
 Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) - Definition.
file  hog.h
 Histogram of Oriented Gradients (Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) features)
file  homkermap.c
 Homogeneous kernel map - Definition.
file  homkermap.h
 Homogeneous kernel map (Homogeneous kernel map)
file  host.c
 Host - Definition.
file  host.h
file  ikmeans.c
 Integer K-Means clustering - Definition.
file  ikmeans.h
 Integer K-Means clustering.
file  imopv.c
 Vectorized image operations - Definition.
file  imopv.h
 Vectorized image operations.
file  imopv_sse2.c
 Vectorized image operations - SSE2 - Definition.
file  imopv_sse2.h
 Vectorized image operations - SSE2.
file  kdtree.c
 KD-tree - Definition.
file  kdtree.h
 KD-tree (KD-trees and forests)
file  kmeans.c
 K-means - Declaration.
file  kmeans.h
 K-means (K-means clustering)
file  lbp.c
 Local Binary Patterns (LBP) - Definition.
file  lbp.h
 Local Binary Patterns (LBP) descriptor (Local Binary Patterns (LBP) descriptor)
file  liop.c
 Local Intensity Order Pattern (LIOP) descriptor - Definition.
file  liop.h
 Local Intensity Order Pattern (LIOP) descriptor (Local Intensity Order Pattern (LIOP) descriptor)
file  mathop.c
 Math operations - Definition.
file  mathop.h
 Math operations (Mathematical operations)
file  mathop_avx.c
 mathop for AVX - Definition
file  mathop_avx.h
 mathop for avx
file  mathop_sse2.c
 mathop for SSE2 - Definition
file  mathop_sse2.h
 mathop for sse2
file  mser.c
 MSER - Definition.
file  mser.h
 MSER (Maximally Stable Extremal Regions (MSER))
file  pgm.c
 Portable graymap format (PGM) parser - Definition.
file  pgm.h
 Portable graymap format (PGM) parser.
file  qsort-def.h
 QSort preprocessor metaprogram.
file  quickshift.c
 Quick shift - Definition.
file  quickshift.h
 Quick shift (Quick shift image segmentation)
file  random.c
 Random number generator - Definition.
file  random.h
 Random number generator (Random number generator)
file  rodrigues.c
 Rodrigues formulas - Definition.
file  rodrigues.h
 Rodrigues formulas.
file  scalespace.c
 Scale Space - Definition.
file  scalespace.h
 Scale Space (Gaussian Scale Space (GSS))
file  shuffle-def.h
 Shuffle preprocessor metaprogram.
file  sift.c
 SIFT - Definition.
file  sift.h
 SIFT (Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT))
file  slic.c
 SLIC superpixels - Definition.
file  slic.h
 SLIC superpixels (Simple Linear Iterative Clustering (SLIC))
file  stringop.c
 String operations - Definition.
file  stringop.h
 String operations.
file  svm.c
 Support Vector Machines (SVM) - Implementation.
file  svm.h
 Support Vector Machines (Support Vector Machines (SVM))
file  svmdataset.c
 SVM Dataset - Definition.
file  svmdataset.h
 SVM Dataset.
file  vlad.c
 VLAD - Declaration.
file  vlad.h
 VLAD encoding (Vector of Locally Aggregated Descriptors (VLAD) encoding)