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VlSiftFilt Struct Reference

SIFT filter. More...

#include <sift.h>

Data Fields

double sigman
double sigma0
double sigmak
double dsigma0
int width
int height
int O
int S
int o_min
int s_min
int s_max
int o_cur
int octave_width
int octave_height
double gaussFilterSigma
vl_size gaussFilterWidth
int nkeys
int keys_res
double peak_thresh
double edge_thresh
double norm_thresh
double magnif
double windowSize
int grad_o

Detailed Description

This filter implements the SIFT detector and descriptor.

Field Documentation

◆ dog

vl_sift_pix* VlSiftFilt::dog

current DoG data.

◆ dsigma0

double VlSiftFilt::dsigma0


◆ edge_thresh

double VlSiftFilt::edge_thresh

edge threshold.

◆ gaussFilter

vl_sift_pix* VlSiftFilt::gaussFilter

current Gaussian filter

◆ gaussFilterSigma

double VlSiftFilt::gaussFilterSigma

current Gaussian filter std

◆ gaussFilterWidth

vl_size VlSiftFilt::gaussFilterWidth

current Gaussian filter width

◆ grad

vl_sift_pix* VlSiftFilt::grad

GSS gradient data.

◆ grad_o

int VlSiftFilt::grad_o

GSS gradient data octave.

◆ height

int VlSiftFilt::height

image height.

◆ keys

VlSiftKeypoint* VlSiftFilt::keys

detected keypoints.

◆ keys_res

int VlSiftFilt::keys_res

size of the keys buffer.

◆ magnif

double VlSiftFilt::magnif

magnification factor.

◆ nkeys

int VlSiftFilt::nkeys

number of detected keypoints.

◆ norm_thresh

double VlSiftFilt::norm_thresh

norm threshold.

◆ O

int VlSiftFilt::O

number of octaves.

◆ o_cur

int VlSiftFilt::o_cur

current octave.

◆ o_min

int VlSiftFilt::o_min

minimum octave index.

◆ octave

vl_sift_pix* VlSiftFilt::octave

current GSS data.

◆ octave_height

int VlSiftFilt::octave_height

current octave height.

◆ octave_width

int VlSiftFilt::octave_width

current octave width.

◆ peak_thresh

double VlSiftFilt::peak_thresh

peak threshold.

◆ S

int VlSiftFilt::S

number of levels per octave.

◆ s_max

int VlSiftFilt::s_max

maximum level index.

◆ s_min

int VlSiftFilt::s_min

minimum level index.

◆ sigma0

double VlSiftFilt::sigma0

smoothing of pyramid base.

◆ sigmak

double VlSiftFilt::sigmak


◆ sigman

double VlSiftFilt::sigman

nominal image smoothing.

◆ temp

vl_sift_pix* VlSiftFilt::temp

temporary pixel buffer.

◆ width

int VlSiftFilt::width

image width.

◆ windowSize

double VlSiftFilt::windowSize

size of Gaussian window (in spatial bins)

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