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VlSiftKeypoint Struct Reference

SIFT filter keypoint. More...

#include <sift.h>

Data Fields

int o
int ix
int iy
int is
float x
float y
float s
float sigma

Detailed Description

This structure represent a keypoint as extracted by the SIFT filter VlSiftFilt.

Field Documentation

◆ is

int VlSiftKeypoint::is

Integer s coordinate.

◆ ix

int VlSiftKeypoint::ix

Integer unnormalized x coordinate.

◆ iy

int VlSiftKeypoint::iy

Integer unnormalized y coordinate.

◆ o

int VlSiftKeypoint::o

o coordinate (octave).

◆ s

float VlSiftKeypoint::s

s coordinate.

◆ sigma

float VlSiftKeypoint::sigma


◆ x

float VlSiftKeypoint::x

x coordinate.

◆ y

float VlSiftKeypoint::y

y coordinate.

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