Documentation>MATLAB API>IMOP - vl_imarray

J=VL_IMARRAY(A) creates a mosaic J from the array of images A. A can be either a M*N*K array, storing one gray-scale image per slice, or a M*N*3*K or M*N*K*3 array, storing a true color RGB image per slice. The function returns an image J which is a tiling of the images in the array. Tiles are filled from left to right and top to bottom.

VL_IMARRAY(...) displays the image J rather than returning it.

VL_IMARRAY() accepts the following options:

Spacing 0

Separate the images by a border of the specified width (the border is assigned `FillValue`).

FillValue 0

Value used fill in the spacing. Must be either a scalar or a vector of size 3 for RGB images.

Layout empty

Specify a vector [TM TN] with the number of rows and columns of the tiling. If equal to [] the layout is computed automatically.

Movie false

Display or return a movie instead of generating a tiling.

CMap []

Specify a colormap to construct a movie when the input is an indexed image array. If not specified, MATLAB default colormap is used.

Reverse true

Start filling the mosaic tiles from the bottom rather than from the top.