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J=VL_IMARRAYSC(A) constructs an image mosaic similar to J=VL_IMARRAY(A), but it rescales the range of each image in the array. If A is an array of grayscale images, J will index all the colors in the current colormap; if A is a true color image, J will span the range [0,1].

If A is of an integer class, J will be of class single SINGLE class.

VL_IMARRAYSC(...) displays the image J rather than returning it.

VL_IMARRAYSC() accepts the options of VL_IMARRAY() and:

CLim []

Rescale the specified range of values rather than the actual range of each image.

Uniform [false]

Rescale the range of all the images together, rather than on an image-by-image basis.

CMap []

Use the specified color map as a reference rather than the current or default one.


CLim is seet to the image range [m, M], where m is the minimum value of an image and M is the maximum. The image range CLim is then affinely mapped to the integers from 1 to C, where C is the number of colors in the colormap, or to the range [0,1] for true color images. The mapping is done so that the first color is assigned the first subinterval of length C of the range [m,M] and so on.

See also: VL_IMARRAY(), VL_HELP(), IMAGE().